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SPG is committed to delivering quality care to patients. Patient care is managed and coordinated throughout the full continuum of care. SPG has invested to ensure that care is delivered efficiently, effectively and in complete coordination with primary care providers, specialists, facilities, and families. SPG is dedicated to meeting patient goals along with aligning with community partner’s objectives.

Remote patient monitoring

Often abbreviated as RPM (and sometimes known as remote patient management), remote patient monitoring is a method of healthcare delivery that uses the latest advances in information technology to gather patient data outside of traditional healthcare settings.


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Hospitalist Program

SPG focuses on continuing to deliver the ultimate patient experience and work toward continuing to enhance the patient experience for HonorHealth patients. SPG engages in multidisciplinary rounding that has created an environment at HonorHealth Shea that encourages communication and builds a strong relationship with the hospitalists, nurses, and coordinators.

POst ACUTE Program

SPG appropriately and carefully manages every patient and continues to manage post discharge.  The successful post-acute program has reportable, proven results that increases the continuity of care between providers, facilities, health plans, patients, and families; therefore reducing the risk for readmission to the hospital.

Medication therapy management

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services encompass the assessment and evaluation of the patient’s complete medication therapy regimen; consisting of a group of services to optimize the therapeutic outcome, including therapy reviews, pharmacotherapy and non-pharmacotherapy consults, and many other clinical services aimed at integrating pharmacist expertise with the common goal of providing the best possible patient-centered quality care. Achieving the best possible treatment outcomes in MTM is estimated to prevent 1.5 million adverse events each year which results in $177 billion in injury and even death, making MTM an essential and profoundly beneficial service.

mobile doc

The SPG Mobile Physician program is a collaboration with home health partners to provide physician’s care within a community based setting.  The program is designed to deliver continuity of care and prevent the readmission of patience to an acute care setting.  Services will be provided to patients that are high risk; not engaged with a primary care physician; or patients in need of an intermittent primary care physician due to being temporarily out state from their primary provider.

Transitional care program

SPG’s physician-based model is built upon the collaboration with partnering facilities, specialists and any other ancillary provider, patients, and families.  SPG’s on-staff transitional care specialists ensures open lines of communication that contributes heavily to reducing readmissions and costs while providing optimal care.


The proper use of technology is necessary to improve team performance, foster collaboration, reduce risks, enhance health outcomes, and improve patient safety.  SPG has a strong commitment to using technology for the outcome of efficiencies so SPG physicians can dedicate more time and focus on patients.


SPG has effectively implemented a full electronic health record system that has efficiently assisted with the continuum of care for patients; therefore reducing risk of 30-day readmissions and smooth transitions of care.  SPG’s EHR has the ability for bidirectional interphase to meet the long term goal of integrating patient information to and from hospital and post-acute settings.

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